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Cloud Boom, Virtualization Benefit Data Center Vendors

Increasing demand for cloud computing resources, the increasing use of SDN capabilities and the virtualization of network functions and data center architecture are all fueling demand for greater innovation in data center networking technology and in the dedicated data center interconnect (DCI) transport platforms that are being increasingly used to transport data between sites.

In the DCI sector, ADVA recently announced two new technologies aimed at driving down costs and reducing power consumption in data centers: a terminal for data center interconnect and a direct switch-to-switch optical link with direct detect technology. (See ADVA Sets 600G Benchmark and ADVA Commercializes DCI Direct Detect.)

Likewise, a recent Ciena announcement targets the DCI market with an optical chipset for web-scale operators and multi-tenant data centers seeking capacity and server-like capabilities. (See Ciena's DCI Targets Web-Scalers, Data Centers.)

Fujitsu, Juniper and Nokia also highlighted DCI advances. (See Juniper Launches New DCI System , Fujitsu Enhances 1Finity for DCI and Nokia Primes Its Optical Switch for DCI & Demarc.)

Advances aren't only being made in the DCI sector: There's also plenty of innovation happening within data centers. Here are a few examples that are featured in :

  • Big Cloud Fabric from Big Switch Networks is a data center switching fabric that leverages software-defined networking (SDN) to make the network act as one logical switch.
  • Ericsson's Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000 (HDS 8000) uses optical interconnects and an equipment manager for operator cloud transformation for network functions virtualization (NFV), IT and commercial cloud operations.
  • Netbiter Argos from HMS Industrial Networks is an industrial IoT, cloud-based data center from which all data from field equipment is securely accessed and stored.
  • The QFabric System from Juniper is composed of multiple components that work together as a single switch that flattens the data center network to a single tier in which all access points are equal, providing a smooth network foundation for cloud-ready virtualized data.

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— Denise Culver, Director of Online Research, Heavy Reading

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