Data Center Infrastructure

Meet the Architect Behind LinkedIn

Steve Saunders speaks with Saikrishna Kotha, who leads LinkedIn's data center infrastructure architecture strategy. With over 400 million users, it's Kotha's job to deliver agility and speed, but also act as a business strategist to develop new ways that LinkedIn can monetize its user base. According to Kotha, LinkedIn runs on a mix of white box and vendor hardware but has the DNA of a web-scale company.

DHagar 12/1/2015 | 9:26:55 PM
Re: LinkedIn's Architect Steve, fabulous interview!  I am also a fan of LinkedIn - I think they have an excellent business model and deliver their service with the greatest value!  I favor them over Facebook 100 x's.

I particularly enjoyed the following points:

- The focus on monetizing the service and value of the data center

- The recognition of the simple elegance in their architectual design - and the
added value of their service platform

- His description of the evolution from client/server to fully networked infrastructure.

Thanks for keeping us informed!

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