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Equinix: IoT Requires New Software Innovation

CTO Ihab Tarazi explains how Equinix is already moving to Open Compute Platform hardware and open source orchestration software in its multi-tenant data centers. Tarazi adds, however, that enterprise customers building multi-cloud environments are now looking to the Internet of Things and that will create major new demands for innovation in orchestration software for companies like his that help connect multiple clouds and many different networks. To deliver the data analysis required for IoT in a multi-cloud, hybrid environment will require new intelligence and network management capabilities, Tarazi says.

[email protected] 3/31/2016 | 5:03:37 AM
Fantastic insights!! Great interview, great insights (because of great questions Carol!) from someone who is at the cutting edge, and the pumping heart, of what needs to be done to enable the next generation of communications networking.

Great stuff!!
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