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EdgeConneX Doubles Down in Miami

Miami becomes the first city in which the rapidly growing edge data center company EdgeConneX actually built a second data center, but it is not likely to be the last. Company CTO Don MacNeil says there is a growing demand for diverse locations, both for peering and proximity reasons. (See EdgeConneX Adds Second Miami Data Center.)

"We have heard from a number of customers about the need for diverse locations, both for peering purposes and to be close to business," he says. "We expect we will have multiple sites in a number of key cities."

The new data center is located outside the downtown Miami flood zone and within ten miles of Hollywood Beach. It is set to be a direct gateway to the primary subsea cable landing station in the area, and EdgeConneX expects it will handle growing traffic from the Latin American region. But LATAM growth was not the driving force for the build, MacNeil tells Light Reading.

"We are very opportunistic in our builds," he says. "We were able to land an anchor tenant and find a good location and that is what spurred us to get the new site."

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EdgeConneX Inc. does expect to take advantage of significant traffic growth from the LATAM community via the seven subsea cable landing sites to which it will be able to offer low-latency connections. Traffic from those cables is expected to be a mix of video, data and cloud-based, MacNeil says.

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— Carol Wilson, Editor-at-Large, Light Reading

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