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CORD Announces New Collaborators

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- CORD Project, the community advancing the leading open source service delivery platform that combines SDN, NFV, and elastic cloud services to transform the edge of operator networks, today announces continued project momentum with new collaborators Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, Ixia and Xpose, and a significant presence planned for Open Networking Summit in support of the theme “The Power of Understanding CORD.”

CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) is a platform combining leading SDN, NFV and Cloud technologies to build nimble in-line datacenters at the edge of operator networks. CORD integrates a curated collection of dozens of leading open source projects, thus making available a fully-integrated platform for building innovative solutions for network operators. Designed to leverage the best of modern DevOps application development methodologies, CORD delivers an open, programmable, agile platform for service creation.

CORD contributors will join the broader ONF community in convening at the Santa Clara Convention Center this week for ONS, the industry’s largest and most inclusive open networking and orchestration event hosted by The Linux Foundation. ONF will showcase the new Open Innovation Pipeline and the capabilities of CORD Solutions in ONOS and CORD mini summits and interactive demonstrations, including Residential (R-CORD), 5G Mobile (M-CORD) and Enterprise VPN (E-CORD).

“Over the last year, CORD has continued to evolve at record speed,” said Guru Parulkar, executive director of ONF, ON.Lab and Stanford Platform Lab. “Much of the success of CORD has been driven by the various pre-integrated releases based on CORD to deliver solutions for various operator use cases. We’re excited to gather with the equally fast-growing CORD community at ONS to celebrate recent developments and collaborate on future innovation.”

At its core, CORD is a curated integration of numerous open source projects, thus creating a platform for innovation. CORD incorporates a broad range of leading edge upstream open source components to build a next-generation cloud-native datacenter. The complete range of IT functionality is provided, including compute, storage and networking. CORD creates an integrated whole with the addition of specialized SDN and NFV capabilities to enable service creation (with the XOS project). More details on specific project integrations can be found here.

One of the benefits of CORD is the pre-integrated solutions that result from combining numerous open source elements into solutions. OpenStack, for example, is used as an optional component for larger CORD deployments where full IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-Service) capabilities are needed. To address the shortcomings of OpenStack for specific applications, CORD integrates ONOS software for networking along with other customizations to ensure the sum of the parts functions as a unified whole. Users can download the free open source distribution and bring up a CORD POD with little-to-no understanding of the internals and intricacies the underlying components.

“Central Office in a Day” will showcase how a complete CORD-based carrier Central Office (CO) can be constructed from the ground up to start offering services within a few short hours, a feat that would typically take months using legacy technologies. This demonstration highlights the operational efficiencies that result from the intelligent integration of SDN, NFV and Cloud technologies, and the fundamental power of the CORD platform.

“Rapid Service Enablement” will exhibit the ease of crafting new services and the power of the micro-service architecture enabled as part of CORD’s use of the XOS project (XaaS Operating System). “M-CORD: Open Reference Implementation to Enable 5G” will present the first end-to-end open reference solution for mobile CORD (M-CORD) that provides the capabilities needed to unlock 5G innovation across the open networking ecosystem.

“E-CORD: SD-WAN Done Right” will show zero touch provisioning of enterprise WAN networks, with built-in analytics and strong SLAs.

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