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Arista Could Face US Import Ban – Reports

Arista could face a ban on importing products from Asia, following a ruling by a US trade agency that Arista uses technology owned by Cisco, according to reports.

The US International Trade Commission reached the ruling Thursday, leaving Arista to ask the White House to veto the import ban or ask an appeals court to throw out the case, according to Bloomberg.

The ITC ruled Arista infringed on three of Cisco's patents in Arista's switches, according to Reuters. "The trade commission upheld a finding of infringement by a U.S. trade judge in February," Reuters said. The ITC recommended an import ban.

The decision is a big development in a tangled web of litigation initiated in December 2014, when Cisco filed patent and copyright lawsuits charging Arista with "repeated and pervasive copying of key inventions in Cisco products." Alleged infringements included Arista's implementation of Cisco's command line interface. (See Cisco Slams Arista With Massive Patent & Copyright Suit.)

Update: Arista says it has a plan to keep its products on the market. (See Arista Ready With 'Design-Arounds' Following Import Ban Recommendation.)

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Mitch Wagner 7/7/2016 | 6:58:17 PM
Re: How will this impact Arista Losing the US market is highly unlikely. They would submit a new version of EOS that doesn't infringe and get right back in business. 
jayakd0 6/27/2016 | 9:37:20 AM
Re: Three packets? Thanks Ray for that correction. I was really wondering what is going on...packet sniffing/DPI, malware etc etc :)
[email protected] 6/27/2016 | 2:42:02 AM
Re: Three packets? "Arista infringed on three of Cisco's packets in Arista's switches"....


That is of course 

"Arista infringed on three of Cisco's patents in Arista's switches"


The correction has now been made.
bored_lurker 6/24/2016 | 4:12:54 PM
Three packets? "Arista infringed on three of Cisco's packets in Arista's switches"

Three packets in a switch is not very many  ;-)
chuckj 6/23/2016 | 9:58:18 PM
How will this impact Arista Is it an out right loss of US market or affects a small portion of their revenue?
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