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Upskill U on Open Source & the Cloud With Heavy Reading

Service providers are becoming increasingly active in the open source community both as participants and contributors, and are even launching their own open source organizations to address telecom-specific issues.

On Wednesday in the Upskill U course "Using Open Source for Data Centers and Cloud Services," Roz Roseboro, senior analyst at Heavy Reading, will address why and how operators are implementing open source for cloud platforms and services. This course will examine relevant open source projects for telcos, how open source differs from traditional standards bodies and what concerns operators have about open source, like security. (Register for Using Open Source for Data Centers and Cloud Services.)

Roz Roseboro, Heavy Reading.
Roz Roseboro, Heavy Reading.

On Friday, Jim Fagan, director of cloud practice at Telstra, addressed the impact open source is having on NFV platforms in the course "The Role of Open Source in NFV." Fagan outlined the benefits of using open source -- like lower cost and faster development times -- and explained how operators implementing open source need to adapt to a paradigm shift in both their company culture and the software development process as a whole. (Listen to The Role of Open Source in NFV.)

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"One of the things that it also forced us to do was change the way we operate. We had to get out of the traditional waterfall and the traditional hand-over from development to a core-operating team and actually form our teams into a DevOps model," said Fagan. "This created a new environment within our company that spurred more innovation."

The Open Source series at Upskill U wraps up on Thursday with the course "Open Source for White Box Networks," delivered by Saikrishna Kotha, global infrastructure architect at LinkedIn. In this course, Kotha will explain the importance of open source software to the white box transformation and how virtualization and evolving standards will impact that transformation overall. (Register for Open Source for White Box Networks.)

Tune in to Upskill U this week to boost your understanding of the role of open source in cloud services, SDN, security, white box networks and more. If you missed a course in this four-part series, revisit the recordings and pose your pressing questions to industry experts and peers on the chat boards. (See Upskill U Curriculum Calendar.)

— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Editor, Upskill U

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