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Telco Journey to Cloud-Native: We Want What They've Got

There's little argument that the ultimate architecture for telecom operators to deliver virtual network functions (VNFs) will be the cloud. But the road to Valhalla is littered with monolithic software, manual processes and purpose-built hardware.

The cloud titans have shown the way, with containerized, open source software stacks that are dynamically orchestrated using automation that allows them to run their vast, white box-based, disaggregated hardware estates with a fraction of the staff the telecom operators use. There's nothing that precludes telecom operators from doing the same, and yet "cloud native" remains a hazy vision on the horizon. Why is that?

I'm glad you asked.

During Light Reading's Big Communications Event in Austin next month, I’ll be leading a panel discussion called "Going Cloud Native." Here, we'll talk about what cloud native means -- and trust me, it does mean different things to different people.

More importantly, we'll talk about what the industry still needs to work on in order to realize the benefits of going cloud native.

Certainly the vendors who own the VNFs play a role, as they're the ones responsible for ensuring their software can be distributed onto standard servers and automatically orchestrated to deliver services.

The open source and standards communities are also important in developing the software, including important interfaces, that are needed to make everything work together harmoniously, while maintaining flexibility and choice.

And then there are the telecom operators. We'll hear about their successes and challenges, their concerns and aspirations.

The goal is to honestly and rationally assess where we are today, and what needs to be done to get us to the magical nirvana that going cloud-native promises.

To find out more, join us in Austin May 14-16 to boost your knowledge about cloud-native software and innovation driving data center transformation, for the fifth-annual Big Communications Event May 14-16. The event is free for communications service providers -- secure your seat today!

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— Roz Roseboro, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading

kq4ym 5/3/2018 | 8:15:05 AM
Re: Destinations And those journeys whether metaphorical or real have long been with us as has probably been the technological journeys of many decades "littered with monolithic software, manual processes and purpose-built hardware."
mendyk 4/25/2018 | 8:47:27 AM
Re: Destinations There's a Tir Na Nog near the bus station in NYC. Also one near the train station. They are both magical after six or eight pints, so I've heard.
James_B_Crawshaw 4/24/2018 | 3:18:10 PM
Re: Destinations I'm planning a trip to Tir Na Nog, although I hear the weather is better in Tlalocan this time of year. 


mendyk 4/24/2018 | 10:55:26 AM
Destinations I've been to Valhalla. It's OK. But I'm hoping Nirvana is better.
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