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Building Up Digital Operations: Pics

NICE, France -- TM Forum Live! 2016 -- Senior executives from AT&T, Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, Accenture, Huawei, the TM Forum and others gathered early Wednesday here in the south of France to debate the role of digital operations and the digital ecosystem at a special breakfast briefing, Building up Digital Operations and Ecosystem.

What was clear from this mini-summit is that the major network operators are putting a great deal of effort into opening up their systems and processes to enable collaboration with partners and third party developers, in many cases to provide an intelligent platform that can provide enhanced services to customers and provide new business opportunities to network operators.

Click on the link below to find out who was sharing their views and news at the breakfast summit.

A Digital Start to the Day
What other way to start a Wednesday than combining coffee and an examination of digital operations and ecosystems?
What other way to start a Wednesday than combining coffee and an examination of digital operations and ecosystems?

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[email protected] 5/11/2016 | 6:03:33 AM
Key takeaway -- break down barriers The big takeaway, having listened to AT&T, Orange, Vodafone and Telefonica, is that there are now readl efforts to break down barriers within the large operators and between the operators and potential third parties that could offer a symbiotic relationship. It's time to open up, basically...
Sarah Thomas 5/11/2016 | 10:06:14 AM
Re: Key takeaway -- break down barriers It's interesting how much of the discussion seems to be around -- or at least start with -- culture. Breaking down barriers between tech and business teams, working with new partners, being open, etc. seem to be just as important, or challenging, as the tech itself, if not more.
mrobuck 5/11/2016 | 10:12:23 AM
Re: Key takeaway -- break down barriers Breaking down cultural barriers within service providers and between service providers, vendors and standards bodies are huge tasks, but must haves for digital transformations. Nice to see TM Forum addressing the issues. 
TeleWRTRLiz 5/11/2016 | 10:18:45 AM
Mobile Money Orange's push into mobile banking is one way to monetize digital transformation -- I was talking with Bharti Airtel at ITW in Chicago yesterday and they also spoke about the revenue opportunity around mobile banking.
DanJones 5/11/2016 | 10:24:20 AM
Where's the coffee? Where's the coffee? Hehehe!
msilbey 5/11/2016 | 11:34:37 AM
Re: Mobile Money The Orange push into the banking industry is fascinating to me. Interesting too that Bharti Airtel is also exploring mobile banking options. I wonder if other SPs will get into the banking game, and just what kind of ROI is on offer.
ErynLeavens 5/11/2016 | 12:17:07 PM
Re: Where's the coffee? That's what I was thinking! You were in the south of France and no scenery pics? Is there a second slideshow coming I hope?
[email protected] 5/12/2016 | 4:32:17 AM
Re: Where's the coffee? That would have been the previous slideshow.... though the weather has not been condusive to many scenery shots this week.

TM Forum Live! 2016: Nice Pics



[email protected] 5/12/2016 | 5:28:56 AM
Operators keen on Open APIs Interesting comment from Pascal Viginier, EVP and CIO at Orange, about how the use of Open APIs could "lego-ize our beautiful legacy..." -- that's certyainly an interesting way of looking at it! Certainly the use of new approaches to give new life to existing, deployed technology appears to be an ongoing focus for the telcos. 
[email protected] 5/12/2016 | 9:18:48 AM
Do operators need to buy outside of comms to add new skills/business opportunities? Do operators need to buy outside of comms to add new skills/business opportunities?

Orange has bought a bank to help with its mobile banking strategy.

Should other telcos look to acquire, for example, online learnings platforms or e-health services specialists to advance their digital services strategies?
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