CTIA: Business Is in the Air

The CTIA says that its upcoming fall show will highlight the major strides that are being made in mobilizing the enterprise with 3G and next-generation wireless capabilities.

The wireless association is holding CTIA Enterprise & Applications -- its second major mobile show of the year -- in San Francisco next week. Pre-show seminars start next Tuesday, while the show proper runs from Sept. 6-8.

The CTIA is heavily pushing the emergence of a robust mobile enterprise sector at this year's show. "Enterprise is happening and people are taking it very seriously," says Rob Mesirow, VP of operations at the CTIA.

In particular, the CTIA says the show will touch on topics like:

  • The evolution of mobile money applications in the US
  • Smart grid
  • Mobile medical developments
  • Cloud computing
  • Tablets
  • Android in the enterprise
  • The Connected Car

Tablets may seem like the ultimate consumer play at the moment but Mesirow says the show will shine a light on their capabilities as enterprise workhorses too. "I would look for a lot of news from the tablet side of things," he says.

In fact, he claims that there is a major desire on the business side of the fence for tablets and enterprise-related apps. Government agencies, especially, are "very keen on tablets," Mesirow says.

Verizon Wireless 's CEO Lowell McAdam will be one of the major keynote speakers at the show. McAdam is due to take over as CEO of Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) from Ivan Siedenberg next year. (See Verizon Lines Up Seidenberg's Successor.)

The focus at the show, however, will be Verizon's next-gen wireless broadband network. "He’s going to be talking about 4G and LTE deployments a lot," Mesirow explains.

The trade body is also happy to have Derrick Kuzak, group VP of global product development at the Ford Motor Company, take the podium on the final day of the show. Kuzak will be talking up the benefits of "connected car" technology.

Pavilions at the show this year include:

  • Launch Pad (for early-stage startups)
  • M2M Zone
  • mCommerce Pavilion
  • Mobile Applications Pavilion
  • Mobile Cloud Computing Pavilion
  • Telecom Council Innovation Showcase
  • Wireless Dealer Expo
  • Wireless Health Pavilion

The CTIA is hosting the Hot for the Holidays awards show on the Thursday. The event aims to identify the 10 "hottest mobile consumer electronics products and applications for the holiday season."

LR Mobile, meanwhile, will be at the show all week to bring you a daily snapshot of happenings at one of the more important wireless events of the year.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 4:22:23 PM
re: CTIA: Business Is in the Air

On the Important News front, I would point out that Guided by Voices is in San Francisco on the eve of the main CTIA show (Oct. 5).  To my knowledge, nobody is broadcasting it via telepresence.

Kevin Mitchell 12/5/2012 | 4:22:22 PM
re: CTIA: Business Is in the Air

Does anyone care about this show? If so, should they really?

CTIA needs to have a single show. And not in March. Or anywhere near Mobile World Congress. Take the lovely months of May, June, September. Combine with 4G World in October. Anything is better than the current situation.

joset01 12/5/2012 | 4:22:20 PM
re: CTIA: Business Is in the Air

It should be interesting for our audience this year just because we'll get more solid info on LTE and faster 3G serices than we've seen so far.


I agree that the clumping together is annoying and counterproductive.

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