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CTIA: A Developer Incubator

4:30 AM -- CTIA is going back to its developer roots at this week's CTIA Enterprise & Applications conference in sunny San Diego. Whereas last year the spotlight was on the enterprise, this year it's all about mobile development. (See CTIA: Business Is in the Air.)

"The event is almost an incubator show," says CTIA VP and Show Director Rob Mesirow. "We can shine a light on the portions of the industry that need the most attention."

Of course, one thing developers were looking forward to won't be happening at the show anymore. That's the unveiling of the Samsung Corp. Galaxy Nexus based on Google (Nasdaq: GOOG)'s latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system update. Samsung has pushed its launch event back, it says out of respect for the passing of former Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs, but there will be still be plenty of talk about the OS in expectation of a fall launch.

Mesirow says there will be Windows Phone 7 news at show, and Apple's iOS 5 and iPhone 4S are sure to be hot discussion topics even in the company's absence. (See Photos: Apple's iPhone 4S Unveiling .)

Outside of the operating systems du jour, developers will have the opportunity to explore mobile commerce, which Mesirow says is finally starting to see real movement, hear from wireless operators about how to best build for their network and learn about disruptive technologies. The complete program list for CTIA can be found here.

This year more than ever developers are having their affections fought over by the wireless operators, handset makers and various software players -- which Mesirow says is a good thing. While company-specific developer days focus on convincing developers of the superiority of a particular approach, CTIA will be more inclusive, showing developers the opportunities in any mobile platform, as well as several industry verticals. (See Photos: Verizon's Developer Conference and AT&T Opens Silicon Valley Developer Den.)

"The great thing about these events is it gives everyone an opportunity to see, taste and try the advantages of each [OS]," Mesirow says.

Check back as LR Mobile is in San Diego this week, reporting on, but not tasting, all the latest news and happenings at CTIA.

— Sarah Reedy, Senior Reporter, Light Reading Mobile

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