Copywriters on Acid

It may have been "fresh" and "vibrant" in the 1980s, or at some other time in the distant past, but describing a company's logo as having "a light titanium outside and a dynamic, playful, vibrant inside" stands out like a sore thumb these days (see 3: a Name, a Number, a Logo).

But we are grateful to Hutchison 3G UK Ltd. for making us smile over our full English breakfast as it unveiled the visuals to go with its global name (see 3 at Last, 3 at Laaast!).

So what does this logo look like? Well, the "vibrant inside" comes in six different colors -- blue, green, orange, red, violet, and yellow. We were particularly taken by the violet, which appears below. It reminds us of something, but we're not sure what...

Now that you've been visually assaulted, here are a few of our favorite gems from today's press release:
  • "The new brand name… transcends language, cultural barriers and even technology." A brand that transcends technology -- amazing!
  • "Behind the name lies a new adventure." We had a look around the back but couldn't find Harry Potter or any of his ilk.
  • "3 will offer customers an experience without precedent… our research tells us very clearly that people can already see the excitement." Be warned: Some hallucinogens can be very powerful.
  • "The logo has a light titanium outside and a dynamic, playful, vibrant inside, animating through the whole spectrum of colour. The contrast between the outside and the inside articulates the spirit of 3: cool on the outside, hot on the inside, echoing the same spirit as the tough outer shell of the 3G handsets and the cauldron of dynamic information and entertainment inside." Hot on the inside? Maybe that's what's holding up the delivery of dualmode devices from Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT).
  • "The brand is not a chameleon, but it has to have flexibility built in." Remember, it is not a chameleon. An ocelot, maybe, but not a chameleon.

    Although we kinda understand what Hutch is trying to achieve here, maybe the consumer research should have included exposure to the branding literature, just to check whether people laughed or were confused. Unstrung hopes the services are of a higher standard.

    — Ray Le Maistre, European Editor, Unstrung
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