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8:50 AM -- So, I was watching that awful racist diatribe that guy from Seinfeld was spewing, and initially marveled at how bad the quality was (the video, I mean, let alone the content). Must have been shot with one of those cell-phone cameras, which are still, IMHO, crap. The resolution is poor, the frame rate is poor... well, it’s just poor. And the guy spewing invective is just, well, sad.

But I’m a technology analyst, and I never was a Seinfeld fan. I just didn’t get the show. I think Mr. Seinfeld himself once described it as a “show about nothing”. He was certainly right on there. (Note to editor: I’m now returning to the topic at hand.) But ignoring the poor quality of both the video and the performance, there’s more at work here.

Making such videos with one’s cell phone is likely illegal. Every event I’ve attended in recent years (yes, I do get out on occasion) had signs posted about “no photography”, and this warning is occasionally printed on the back of the tickets themselves. Copyright to the performance most certainly does not rest with those who pay to see it.

I’m pretty sure that the person who made the video noted above won’t be prosecuted, but I bet you someone will be over the next few years. As with the illegal copying of music and movies, this is an area we’ll be hearing much more about.

— Craig Mathias is Principal Analyst at the Farpoint Group , an advisory firm specializing in wireless communications and mobile computing. Special to Unstrung

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IPobserver 12/5/2012 | 3:33:02 AM
re: Copyrights 'n' Such Hi Craig:

IG«÷ve been messinG«÷ with an app called ComVu (http:// www.comvu.com).

It runs on Windows Mobile and lets you stream your camera phone images direct to the web over HSDPA or WiFi.

As such, itG«÷s one-to-many, so you can kind of G«ˇplace shiftG«÷ live performances to (potentially) a wide audience.

Like you say, a friend in the media biz pointed out theyG«÷re worried by this sort of thing because of copyright and such.

Quality is pretty poor, so thereG«÷s no real problemG«™ for now.
farpoint 12/5/2012 | 3:32:56 AM
re: Copyrights 'n' Such I think the quality of the cameras in mobile devices will continue to improve. Then the problem becomes how to service all of that video-on-demand. What are the carriers going to do after they've encouraged everyone to share photos and videos, and then can't provide the bandwidth to do so in real time? This is one of the reasons I'm so bullish on metro Wi-Fi - that's the technology that will pick up the slack.

Thanks for the note.

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