Convergent Insurgent

5:30 PM -- In the next two to three years, 35 million dual-mode phones are expected to be sold, according to ABI Research , but it's not clear just how those phones are going to work. (See Who Will Buy Dual-Mode?.)

Are they going to be carrier-controlled -- i.e., equipped with a service whereby your cellular service will allow for hand-offs to WiFi networks, and back again? Will it be some form of UMA technology? Or will it be some not-yet-foreseen third version? (See UMA Steps Up.)

Answer C is the business plan behind DiVitas Networks Inc. , a Mountain View, Calif.-based startup that emerged from stealth mode today. DiVitas' credo is simple but revolutionary in a small way: Give the enterprise control over all its own communications. The service comprises a DiVitas server installed on the company network and Divitas software clients on every company-supported mobile phone. It sounds devilishly cunning.

"Administrators can now centrally manage mobile communications independent of the network that delivers them," says a DiVitas press release announcing interoperability with Trapeze Networks' WiFi gear.

What a novel idea -- and surely one that the carriers will try to squash like a bug. DiVitas will be an interesting company to follow -- and, if you're an enterprise manager, to root for.

— Richard Martin, Senior Editor, Unstrung

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