Context Is King for Network Operators

7:00 AM -- This week, in Research Rewind...

  • Pyramid Research published a new Country Intelligence Report on Canada. Click the link to download a free excerpt.

  • Graham Finnie, chief analyst for Heavy Reading, blogged about the recent Light Reading event, Policy Management & the Subscriber-Centric Service Revolution. He concluded that "the only way forward for network operators [to add value] is precisely to add context of all kinds to customers' activities -- about where they are, about local congestion, about the access networks they could use, about what they value, about the application running and its requirements, and so on." Read more of his blog here.

  • Meanwhile, Sterling Perrin, senior analyst at Heavy Reading, blogged about this week’s Light Reading’s Packet-Optical Transport Evolution Conference and some of the main themes in this area.

That's Research Rewind for this week. Until next Friday, we'll see you online at Pyramid Research and Heavy Reading. May the telecom be with you!

— Matt Donnelly, Managing Editor, Pyramid Research

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