Consumers Rate DSL Even With Cable Modems

Despite cable's still substantial lead in the broadband market, cable operators ought not feel too complacent right now. In a new consumer study released earlier today, Horowitz Associates found that high-speed data users rate DSL just about as well on speed, reliability and customer service as cable modems. In fact, the study revealed "virtually no difference" between the product satisfaction levels of cable modem customers and DSL subscribers. Plus, more broadband users give DSL the nod on price. In the study, some 68% of DSL users said the service gives them "value for the money," as opposed to 55% of cable modem users. In another key difference, 50% of DSL users cited desired software and services included with their service as important factors while 48% cited exclusive online content. Only 34% and 36% of cable modem users, respectively, named those features as important.
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