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Rubio Responds to Huawei 'Attack'

Who knew US Senator Marco Rubio was a Light Reading follower?

He has taken to Twitter to respond to comments made about him and his fellow Republican representative Jim Banks by Huawei rotating chairman Eric Xu, who gave an interview to Light Reading contributing editor Robert Clark in Shanghai this week. (See Huawei Boss Slams 'Ignorant' Rubio on Research Restrictions.)

Rubio, Banks and two dozen other members of Congress have written to US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos calling for an inquiry into Huawei's campus partnerships, which "may pose a significant threat to national security."

Xu told Light Reading that Rubio and Banks were "closed-minded and ill-informed."

Here is what Rubio had to say in response to Xu:

This is not the last we will hear of this matter, I feel.

— Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading.

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nathandavidson 7/2/2018 | 5:06:47 AM
Re: Marco Pollo Of course a business owner is going to be sad if his lines of profitability are being attacked but of course they have to understand what are the reasons behind all of the red tape and regulations too. If it was so easy for people to do whatever they liked in order for them to earn a quick buck, you'd see a lot more vice like drugs and alcohol on the street. It would be random debauchery everywhere. The rules are in place for a reason and people had better get in line if they want to maintain peace and order.
mendyk 6/29/2018 | 9:17:04 AM
Re: Marco Pollo We have it both ways here, and I doubt there are too many -- or even any -- places that don't have this combination.
James_B_Crawshaw 6/28/2018 | 5:33:01 PM
Re: Marco Pollo I watched JFK recently and it got me wondering which is worse: a government that interferes in private enterprise (e.g. alleged subsidies and protectionism) or a government that is controlled by industry (or a military-industrial complex)?  I'm just hypothesising, not casting any aspersions. Let's keep it friendly.
mendyk 6/28/2018 | 2:00:58 PM
Re: Marco Pollo I used the term laissez-faire with tongue in cheek. But, whatever.
brooks7 6/28/2018 | 1:44:14 PM
Re: Marco Pollo Having grown up on a farm that got subsidies, I know what they are.  And I know that people get them.  I am responding to your comment that it looked like lassie-faire capitalism.  It is not.  And yes, Mercantilism is very close to the way China runs its economy in many ways.  There are some new developments that are capitalist (for example moving factories out of the country to find lower cost labor sources), but not lassie-faire.


mendyk 6/28/2018 | 1:38:35 PM
Re: Marco Pollo Look up -- the joke is flying by. Corporate welfare is so ingrained in our system it's not recognized for what it is.
Duh! 6/28/2018 | 12:50:58 PM
Re: Marco Pollo The word you're looking for is Mercantilism.

brooks7 6/28/2018 | 12:20:06 PM
Re: Marco Pollo  

That is part Keynesian Capitalism, not laisse-faire capitalism.  In this case, the government has directly regulated policies and provided subsidies.  In laisse-fair, there would be no rules nor subsidies.


mendyk 6/28/2018 | 11:27:21 AM
Re: Marco Pollo Well, that's part of our capitalist system as well -- millions if not billions in tax breaks for investment projects, for instance (hello, Amazon).
brooks7 6/28/2018 | 11:22:15 AM
Re: Marco Pollo Other than the subsidies by the government....


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