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Optowiz Ups CWDM Capacity, Targets North America

LOS ANGELES -- Optowiz announced continued production and availability of its popular bi-directional (BiDi) high density (HD) SFP transceivers in two wavelengths (2WL) at the data transmission speed of up to 6 Gbps over a one core single-mode fiber. Based on the success as the leading supplier of this 2WL BiDi HD-SFP product in the Korean carrier markets, Optowiz based in Korea has launched its marketing campaign for North American customers through its USA operations in Anaheim, California, according to Optowiz CEO, Dr. KJ Yang.

Yang has explained that this 2WL TRx offers a new method of transmitting data on each of the 18 common CWDM channels via existing fiber optic cables with no change in any passive optics, thereby increasing the capacity of all existing optical fiber communications. By simply replacing existing CWDM SFP TRx, users could double the effective fiber cable capacity without investment of any new fiber optic cables.

With exploding demand for Internet connectivity running at an all time high, the fiber optic cables over which much of the data flows tend to draw ever-closer to reaching capacity. Hence, short of laying more cables, growing demand is being increasingly met by boosting the number of available CWDM channels on which the Internet data traffics is transmitted. As an innovated optoelectronics transceiver solution provider, Optowiz has released this double density HD-SFP designed to transmit on one sub-band (Low-Band) of each CWDM wavelength and receive on the other sub-band (High-Band) – see 2WL Band diagram above. "This 2WL BiDi HD-SFP product is an inexpensive way of overcoming the capacity limits of optical fiber cables at the existing CWDM broadband service operations, and I must add that over 10K units of 2WL SFPs had been sold to the largest wireless service provider in Korea," Yang adds.

The 2WL HD-SFP TRx module is specifically designed for high performance integrated duplex data link over single mode optical fiber by using lower-band for Tx and higher-band for Rx for each CWDM wavelength, which made bi-directional data transmission possible over a single fiber without the hindrance of back-reflection and Rayleigh scattering. The cooled high-speed laser diode and photo diode are provided as a light source and a detector, respectively. According to Mr. Joo-Chul Cho, CTO of Optowiz, the 2WL modules are available for all 18 common CWDM channels. "Our EEPROM data contains the detailed product information, and digital diagnostics function for the host equipment is accessed by the 2-wire serial CMOS EEPROM protocol. Of course, it complies with SFP MSA and SONET/SDH standards," Cho explained. Cho also points out that Optowiz is close to releasing high density bi-directional (BiDi) HD-SFP in six wavelengths (6WL) at the data transmission speed of up to 6.1Gbps over a one core single-mode fiber. In 6WL BiDi TRx, each 20nm CWDM wavelength is divided for 3 BiDi channel groups, yielding six Tx and Rx channels and that these 6 channels over CWDM wavelengths of 1.6nm spacing, thereby effectively providing 96 (16X6) data transmission channels in CWDM; that is, utilizing DWDM bands on CWDM channels.

Leveraging over 10 years of solid business record as a key optical fiber communications component supplier in Korea, Optowiz is well positioned to service regional or national wireless carriers in the North Americas that currently lease fibers targeting for greater and more efficient utilization of CWDM-based Smart Carrier Access Network service delivery. Optowiz management including Yang will be available for both in-depth technical and business discussions with actual samples at the coming OFC2015 Exhibit Show floors (co-located with POINTek booth, 1460). For an appointment and product availability, please contact Solla Park at +82 31 708 2836 (email her at [email protected] ) – for Asian customers or Donald Yu at 714.519.4943 (email him at [email protected] ) – for European and American customers.


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