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Fujitsu Claims 100G Transceiver Breakthrough

KAWASAKI, Japan -- Fujitsu Optical Components Limited (FOC) announced today that it has released the world’s first 100G QSFP28 transceiver with guaranteed interoperability with currently existing ER4 optics by using a high sensitivity APD (*1) ROSA (*2) and EML (*3) TOSA (*4).

FOC will now support the market with a line-up of CFP, CFP2 and QSFP28 modules designed for 100 Gigabit Ethernet transmission over distances up to 40 km.

Internet services such as cloud computing have led to a rapid increase in the volume of communications traffic. The arrival of the IoT (Internet of Things) age will further accelerate the volume of communications traffic in the future. To satisfy the increasing demand for larger capacity, higher port density, and lower cost in data center interconnect and metro networks 100 G transceivers have been steadily downsized proceeding from CFP to CFP2 and now QSFP28. Due to technical difficulties, QSFP28 ER4 transceivers which support the IEEE (*5) 100GBASE-ER4 standard have not been released into the market though until now. This newly introduced IEEE 100GBASE-ER4 standard compliant QSFP28 module will provide a solution that is designed to be interoperable with the existing ER4 transceivers already in the market for single mode fiber transmission distances up to 30 km (without FEC (*6)). Single mode fiber transmission for distances of up to 40 km with FEC are also supported by this same module.

FOC plans to demonstrate this product in our booth (#1701) at OFC 2017 which is scheduled to take place from March 21 to 23 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

(*1) APD: Avalanche Photo Diode
(*2) ROSA: Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly
(*3) EML: Electro- absorption Modulator Integrated Laser Diode
(*4) TOSA: Transmitter Optical Sub-Assembly
(*5) IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
(*6) FEC: Forward Error Correction

Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd.

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