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SlideshowApple: It's the End of the SIM as We Know It

CollinsJordan 9/19/2018 | 4:03:44 AM
Very interesting It is interesting topic, because SIM cards are already the last century and obviously you have to do something about it
James_B_Crawshaw 9/13/2018 | 2:21:11 PM
Re: What? On my last trip to Argentina I traipsed round multiple Telefonica stores trying to buy a SIM to no avail. They were out of stock. This was in a city with a population of 1m. In the end I bought one from Claro in a kiosk.  

It is simple enough to put a mini-SIM in a phone but I have had issues with losing the tray for nano SIMs (fortunately I got a replacement on eBay).
James_B_Crawshaw 9/13/2018 | 2:13:55 PM
£1,449 ($1,897) ! (!) I'm not sure if this qualifies as sports cars but I found a convertible BMW 3 Series 2.5L for £1,500 on Autotrader. Perhaps they are selling it to fund the phone. 
Clifton K Morris 9/13/2018 | 2:11:36 PM
Re: What? Well, about 3 years ago, I sent an email to the only Apple exec with a sense of humor.

Anyways, I suggested a few feature requests, and suggested that these be implemented. One of the product suggestions was dual-sim. I am growing tired of carrying two phones and risking loosing one phone (or both).

Today, now that Xfinity Mobile has launched, their definitely is a reason to get a Dual-Sim Phone.

Another suggestion I made was once they became a $Trillion company, they should have a “sale” to “thank” their loyal customers. But I got a Christmas Card instead.
sarcher60555 9/13/2018 | 1:48:57 PM
Re: What? Just got back from three countries in Asia.  Paid between $3 and $7 for a local national sim at the airport.  No id, just paid cash and used older Android phone I had in the drawer.  Fired up Whatsapp, Wechat.  All my chats, conversations came up.  Made numerous calls around the world using the data plan.  Left the countries and threw the prepaid sims away.

Home Carrier was sending me SMS message saying $5 a Mb and $2 a minute to call home.

macemoneta 9/13/2018 | 1:32:12 PM
What? I'm 62, live in the USA. Installing a SIM involves popping open the tray, inserting the SIM, and turning your phone on. Install the carrier's app, pay for service. Done. If your phone dies, move the SIM to an old phone; back in service. Traveling? Pick up a local prepaid SIM, pop it in. Easy-peasy. No human interaction required. If a carrier requires more than that, get a different carrier. The only thing eSIMs seem to provide is painful interactions with carriers that will do everything in their power to ruin your day.
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