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Lantiq Intros 8-port FTTdp Chipset

MUNICH -- Lantiq, a leading supplier of broadband access and home networking technologies, today announced availability of its new VINAX dp8 Fiber to the Distribution Point chipset, supported with a reference design to enable rapid deployment of 8-port broadband hybrid fiber/copper distribution point unit (DPU) with data rates of up to 300 Mbps per VDSL line – a milestone for the communications industry and the most efficient broadband access system in the market.

The GPON/VDSL DPU terminates a carrier’s fiber line near subscriber homes, and then extends 8 VDSL lines into customer premises. Based on the renowned Lantiq FALC ON GPON SoC and the new Lantiq VINAX dp8 VDSL2 transceiver, this innovative system integrates all required network processing functions for flow control with advanced impulse noise protection (G.INP) and solid quality of service (QoS) features. The reference design also includes an advanced reverse power extractor, ensuring balanced power sharing among up to 8 individual user lines.

Lantiq Semiconductor

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