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Xelerated's 100G Hits the Road

5:45 PM -- Xelerated Inc. is going on tour for its 100-Gbit/s network processor line, the HX300. Representatives in Europe, Asia, and North America will be making the rounds in parallel for the next few weeks, and the US team decided to include Light Reading among its early stops.

So, I stopped into Xelerated's Santa Clara, Calif., outpost for a look. The demo, meant to show that line-rate 100-Gbit/s processing is possible, uses an Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA) traffic generator that feeds a 48-port reference board.

It's been a long time coming. Samples came out in June, about two years after Xelerated announced the product line. (See Xelerated Finally Gets 100G.)

The chip could still be tweaked from here, but the basics are all working. The demo weaves a 1-Gbit/s signal in and out of the processor for what amounts to 50 ingress/egress passes (I'm oversimplifying here). The result is wirespeed 100-Gbit/s throughput, or as close as is practical -- I think it got as high as 99.8 Gbit/s for jumbo frames. The throughput drops to 71.4 Gbit/s for worst-case, 64-byte frames.

Two of the chips would be required for a real 100-Gbit/s board, one for full 100-Gbit/s ingress and one for egress. That's also the case for competitor EZchip Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: EZCH), but EZchip says it's coming up with a 200-Gbit/s chip, the NP-5. (See EZchip Goes 200 Gig.)

Xelerated's other long-awaited chip, the AX310 for the access market, is also ready to hit the streets; the company plans to announce sampling on Monday. This is the chip formerly called the HX310, but it's different enough from the other HXs that Xelerated decided to give it a different letter.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

Per Lembre 12/5/2012 | 4:26:00 PM
re: Xelerated's 100G Hits the Road


Just a note to clarify the maths on Ethernet wirespeed at 100Gbps. In the demo, the test equipment generates 100% traffic on all links at all times. For the smallest frame size, 64 bytes, the number of packets processed is 1.488 Mpps for one GE port, or 148.8 Mpps for 100Gbps of Ethernet bandwidth. This is the maximum packet rate according to the Ethernet standard*.

The bandwidth for the maximum packet rate is:

148.8 Mpps * 60 bytes (without CRC checksum) * 8 bit = 71.4 Gbps

The remaining 29.6 Gbps are consumed by preamble (8bytes), CRC (4 bytes) and interframe gap (12 bytes).

The Xelerated HX network processor supports both the maximum bitrate and the maximum packet rate for 100Gbps Ethernet. This was shown in the demo. 

Per Lembre, Director of Product Marketing Xelerated

*For packet rates in Ethernet, please see e.g: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/v...

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 4:25:59 PM
re: Xelerated's 100G Hits the Road

Hi Per -- Thanks for providing the math on the 64-byte frames.

That's Per in the photo, by the way, with test engineer Olof Rutgersson.  (I neglected to caption the picture - I'll go & remedy that.)

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