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Welcome to Sunny San Diego
San Diegoans said the weather was unseasonably hot, but it felt pretty perfect to the rest of us.
San Diegoans said the weather was unseasonably hot, but it felt pretty perfect to the rest of us.

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continuous_wave 9/11/2013 | 12:32:37 PM
Re: Boot camp! Battle of the Networking Stars?  Submersible mobile apps?  Sounds like fun!
TeleWRTRLiz 9/11/2013 | 11:25:06 AM
Re: Boot camp! Instead of Battle of the Network Stars, it would be Battle of the Industry Stars and would have to include the game where they have to race little inflatable canoes in a swimming pool, IMHO.
TeleWRTRLiz 9/11/2013 | 11:22:36 AM
Re: Wearable of choice "One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore.
Sarah Thomas 9/11/2013 | 11:01:44 AM
Re: Boot camp! It was funny to see high-level execs getting yelled at for giving up and being told to push harder. I highly recommend it! We can see which part of the industry is in the best shape...
Sarah Thomas 9/11/2013 | 11:01:03 AM
Re: Wearable of choice Or how about let you know when they stink too? Although all of these things might be solutions in search of a problem...
TeleWRTRLiz 9/11/2013 | 10:49:44 AM
Boot camp! Now that would be fun for Management World. I'll suggest it.
TeleWRTRLiz 9/11/2013 | 10:48:03 AM
Re: Wearable of choice Smart socks! They could sense when your feet need to be warm or cool. Now that I would pay for.
albreznick 9/9/2013 | 9:51:01 PM
Re: Wearable of choice So what other smart wearables do you think we'll see emerge? Smart headbands/ Smart earrings? Smart neck chains? Smart belts? I vote for smart suspenders. Wouldn't that be good and geeky?
albreznick 9/9/2013 | 9:48:28 PM
Re: Mmm... bananas... Yeah, I saw that Dole banana boat in San Diego in late July. Strangely fascinating. I even imagined stowing away on it as it sailed out to Hawaii or wherever. Wonder what it is about it.
Sarah Thomas 9/9/2013 | 2:03:41 PM
Re: Wearable of choice ha, that's true, Alan. I wonder if we'll see the same price dropping-trend on wearables as we did with smartphones. There's already a few competitors coming to market, and the $300 price tag doesn't seem sustainable to me. Some of them might use LTE and get carrier subsidies, although I bet that's an even harder sell.
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