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11:35 AM -- NEW YORK -- Ethernet Expo -- We couldn't let our Ethernet Expo wrap up without making an Ethernet-related update to the Startup Spotlight section. So, check here for an introduction to Siverge Networks , an Israeli chip startup that's targeting the intersection of Ethernet and TDM networks. The three-year-old company hasn't started shipping yet, nor has it really told the world what it does. Its Website, linked above, delivers some hints that sound a lot like a souped-up TranSwitch Corp. (Nasdaq: TXCC).

I'm still unclear, too, on how this company got started. Often a founding team will have worked together at a place like Lucent, but the Siverge founders didn't know each other beforehand. They were linked up by venture capitalists. As for the technology's origins, CEO Yuval Berger came from the Israeli military, so it seems a good bet that some details are going to stay secret.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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