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4:30 PM -- Phyworks Ltd. is profitable? Phyworks is still alive?

Take note, Leading Lights watchers. (You're all preparing your applications, right?) Phyworks says it was profitable for the last two quarters, and revenues could reach $50 million by 2010, setting up the company for a possible IPO.

Now, that projection relies on revenues doubling for each of the next two years. Phyworks is going to crack the $10 million level just this year. Still, it's a lot more than I expected when the company reconnected with us recently.

Phyworks was a bubble-era chip company, a foil to Big Bear in using electronic equalization to clean up 10-Gbit/s signals. (See Phyworks Claims Cost-Cutting Chips and Big Bear Hunts 10GigE Market.)

The two differed in that Big Bear was building full transponders, whereas Phyworks stuck with just chips. A bigger difference: Big Bear ain't around no more. (See Big Bear Put to Sleep and Infinera Bags Big Bear.)

What's sustained Phyworks is fiber-to-the-home, where the company's laser drives, transimpedance amplifiers, and postamplifiers are apparently used all over the place. But it's still hot and heavy for 10-Gbit/s transceiver chips, and it's got an eye on 10-Gbit/s PON developments. (See Who Makes What: GPON Equipment.)

By the way, the "still alive" remark was facetious. Phyworks has done plenty to keep itself on the news wires. (See Phyworks Ships 10M Chips, Phyworks Tops 30m, Phyworks Intros Retimer, and Phyworks Integrates Driver, Amp.)

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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