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2:00 PM -- How is silicon intellectual property like prostitution?

You'll have to go to this story for the answer -- it's the EE Times writeup of a talk called "Confessions of a Patent Troll," and it's got some good ammunition for those who question the value of U.S. patent and copyright law. Rick Merritt posted the story late last week.

(Note that "IP" in that story refers to "intellectual property." Silicon IP refers to fragments of chip design that are sold to other chip companies -- prefab semiconductor modules, in a way.)

Turley isn't saying patents or copyright are bad, just that we overdo it. To wit:

I don't think everything has to have an owner and be assigned a value, because not everything we do is royalty bearing or even has any commercial value.

He tossed out a mild dig at Disney, too. Sounds like it was an interesting talk.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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