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Freescale Updates PowerQuicc

PARIS -- Broadband access equipment manufacturers now can integrate control and data path functions onto a single semiconductor device with the introduction of an advanced PowerQUICC™ III processor family from Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL, FSL.B).

Compatible with previous generation PowerQUICC offerings, Freescale’s MPC8568E and MPC8567E processors offer a Gigahertz CPU core, flexible QUICC Engine technology and high speed system interfaces for multiprotocol interworking.

The devices are designed specifically to address increasing performance requirements for broadband access technology and enable the creation of highly advanced equipment including 3G/WiMAX/LTE basestations, RNCs, gateways and ATM/TDM/IP solutions. A high performance e500 core built on Power ArchitectureTM technology works together with 512 KB Level 2 (L2) cache to operate up to 1.33 GHz and deliver more than 3,000 Dhrystone MIPs.

The processors feature high speed interfaces including Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express® and Serial RapidIO® interconnect technology to enable high-speed links to industry-wide switches, field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and digital signal processors (DSPs).

“The transition to packet-based networks and deployment of IP-based services is reshaping wireline and wireless access. The transition, however, is gradual instead of instantaneous. Communications equipment makers, therefore, need to deliver systems that are cost-effective, powerful, and capable of handling both legacy and IP protocols,” said Joseph Byrne, senior analyst with The Linley Group and author of A Guide to Access Processors. “To address these needs, these PowerQUICC III processors integrate a variety of high-speed interfaces and fast processors, including—uniquely—a 1.33GHz e500 core.”

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