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Fido 2.0 to the Rescue

2:05 PM -- Dug, the chatty dog in Disney’s Up, doesn’t have anything on the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. A team of students there has created an Internet-enabled uniform for rescue hounds that lets them search for survivors, geo-tag their location when found, and deliver a video-recorded message back to their loved ones.

Messenger dogs have often been vital in a crisis, and these new uniforms will take their skills to the next level. (They're stylish as well!) When the new class of “Cyborg Messenger Dog” sits in front of its rescuee, an accelerometer in the collar comes to life, allowing the newly found person to record a message or send a text back to the search party. In a prototype, the students used an iPod Touch hooked up to Dutch company Tellart’s Nada Mobile software, an enhanced version of Mobile Safari.

"Go fetch" just took on a whole new meaning.

Check out the video here:

— Sarah Reedy, Senior Reporter, Light Reading

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