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CorEdge Picks Fujitsu

BOSTON -- Continuing its series of MicroTCA industry firsts, CorEdge Networks, Inc. is introducing 10GE fabric switching adaptor, the CEN-FAB-E, as part of its MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) module family, with immediate sampling availability. The CEN-FAB-E enables 10Gbps low latency, non blocking communication on AdvancedMCs, even in a 75 mm MicroTCA environment. The CEN-FAB-E is based on the Fujitsu MB8AAQ3020, 20-port, 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch chip, which was developed expressly for innovative applications such as the MCH. (See August 7, 2006, press release at http://www.fujitsu.com/us/news/pr/fma_20060807.html)

“The introduction of the CEN-FAB-E is a major event in the commercialization of the MicroTCA standard. Until now, working implementations of MicroTCA have relied on a 1GE base channel, which was designed for control plane functions. In the absence of a separate fabric switch, the base channel was used for 1GE switching,” said Will Chu, president of CorEdge Networks. “This was useful for initial demonstrations of MicroTCA, but it’s like driving a bicycle with training wheels. With the CEN-FAB-E, we finally have a system that runs at wire speed. This makes possible a whole range of 10Gbps implementations using the MicroTCA standard.”

“We selected Fujitsu’s 20-port, 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch chip because of its low latency, low power, small footprint, high efficiency and performance. The 300-nanosecond switching latency, low power consumption, on-chip 10Gbps serial PHY, congestion management, ease of programmability, and hardware-assisted adaptive equalization are key features that have enabled our MCH solution. All of these breakthroughs help us to provide half a terabit multi-protocol switching capacity into the tight MCH board space,” added Chu.

The Fujitsu MB8AAQ3020 switch chip supports 20-port, 10Gigabit channels, or 400+Gbps of non-blocking, aggregate switching bandwidth. Each port can support 4-lane XAUI/CX4 or a single XFI interface. The CEN fabric is designed to support up to 10 AMC cards with 4-lane XAUI and eight XFI lanes on the back plane connector, and two CX-4 units on the front panel for external communications. The CEN-FAB-E enables a MicroTCA system with full 20 Gigabit switching per AMC when both MCH units are working, and 10 Gigabit support when one fails in a redundant configuration when the eight XFI lines are connected between the two MCHs. The CEN–FAB-E can support other switching configurations as well.

“We were delighted to collaborate with CorEdge Networks in the creation of the MicroTCA’s first 10 Gigabit Ethernet MCH switching fabric, clearly an important element for the MicroTCA ecosystem. We congratulate CorEdge on this important achievement,” said Asif Hazarika, senior manager, Networking Solutions Group, Fujitsu Microelectronics America. “This design posed a lot of challenges due to its tight space and power requirements, and CorEdge handily overcame them. We are deeply impressed with the company’s ability to bring products like the MCH, MicroTCA power module and PicoTCA systems to the industry. We look forward to working closely with them to make 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology a very well-accepted backplane solution for telecom and data-center equipment.”

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