Comcast Ready for 2005 IP Phone Rollout

A research report released this week by Sanford Bernstein Analyst Craig Moffett says Comcast Corp. is ready f or a rapid deployment of IP phone services. While Comcast has trailed the IP phone roll outs of MSOs Time Warner Cable and Cablevision Systems to date, that may soon change. In the investment bank's report Comcast co-CFO John Alchin is quoted as saying 'We've turned 180 degrees on VoIP in the last 12 months.' Based on Comcast's new-found VoIP enthusiasm, Sanford predicts the MSO will begin selling VoIP service in four or five markets by the end of the first quarter of 2005 covering some 5 million homes, equal to about 15% of Comcast's total footprint. Thereafter, Comcast is expected to roll out IP phone to an additional 5 million homes per quarter, enabling the company to market packet voice service to half of its footprint by the end of 2005. Comcast is currently conducting IP phone trials in Coatesville, Pa., Springfield, Mass, Hartford, Conn., and Indianapolis, Ind. In the November edition of Cable Datacom News, we reported that Comcast has selected Cedar Point as a key PacketCable infrastructure supplier, with Cisco Systems also poised to win a major portion of the MSO's business.
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