Comcast Digital Voice Gets a Thumbs-Up

Comcast's IP telephone service earned a four-star review in BusinessWeek Online this week. Written by a Portland, Ore.-based reporter, the write-up on Comcast Digital Voice concludes it 'costs more than many rival VoIP services, but quality, reliability, and professional installation make it a standout.' Read the full review yourself at: http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/dec2005/tc20051207_933933.htm One area where Comcast was singled out for falling short is in providing a full-featured Web-based service management portal for its IP phone customers. This of course is where VoIP players like Vonage really shine. It's no surprise Comcast is lagging behind as the MSO has its hands full simply rolling out its basic IP phone offering at present. Other operators like Cablevision have made great strides in offering compelling customer portals for their IP phone services. Comcast will get there too. The consumer-provided reviews that follow the article are predominately positive as well. Kudos to Comcast.

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