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Somewhat Canadian wireless LAN vendor Colubris Networks Inc. is offering a voice-over-WLAN software upgrade to its access points that the firm hopes will attract more enterprise customers to its system.

The firm is implementing quality-of-service voice traffic prioritization using the 802.11e-based Wireless Multimedia Enhancements (WME) specification from the Wi-Fi Alliance (see Startups Cool on WMM). WME prioritizes time-sensitive traffic -- like voice packets -- so that calls don't get dropped while waiting to broadcast on wireless networks.

The firm is looking at VOWLAN services as another route into the enterprise market. "We feel we've been fairly successful in the public access space and can build on that success in the enterprise with this offering," says Bob Olson, PR director at Colubris.

The QOS software builds on "virtual AP" technology the firm introduced early this year that allows multiple different services to be offered over a single access point (see Colubris's Enterprise Ambitions).

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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