Colt Turns to WiMax

Pan-European business service provider Colt Telecom Group plc (Nasdaq: COLT; London: CTM.L) has revealed it is to jump on board the WiMax bandwagon in an effort to plug its seeping losses.

The operator today announced a third-quarter loss of £31.8 million (US$57.8 million), only a slight improvement on the £35.7 million ($64.9 million) loss in the same period last year (see Eurosqueeze Hits Colt's Outlook).

In a presentation to analysts and investors in London today, new CEO Jean-Yves Charlier outlined the company’s strategy to hit profitability, focused on its ability to “accelerate revenue growth” and “deliver positive cash flow and profits.” (See COLT Posts Loss, Outlines Plans.)

Central to this strategy, it seems, is a deployment of nascent 802.16 wireless MAN technology.

“There is still a lot of headroom in our business to drive down costs,” explains Charlier. “We will be in Q1 of next year one of the first companies in Europe to trial WiMax, looking at using WiMax technology to connect multiple customers in a given building to our fibre backbone. These are opportunities we believe exist to help drive down the cost of connecting a customer to our network.”

— Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung

freetoair 12/5/2012 | 1:09:17 AM
re: Colt Turns to WiMax How on earth would WiMAX plug its seeping losses???

"has revealed it is to jump on board the WiMax bandwagon in an effort to plug its seeping losses."

Even if WiMAX equipment were available it would take significant investment & time to even begin to generate any meaningful revenue and an even longer time to generate any profit?

Perhaps they meant to say "are jumping on the WiMAX PR bandwagon to divert focus from thier continued losses."
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