2:05 PM -- Enjoy some gonzo godwottery from YubaNet.com:

    The Lexiteria has announced the publication of The 100 Funniest Words in English by Dr. Robert Beard, AKA Dr. Goodword on the alphaDictionary.com website. This book examines what Dr. Beard considers the funniest of the 2500 words he has described and e-mailed daily to 200,000 people over the past 8 years.

    After a short essay on what makes words funny, Dr. Beard examines the pronunciation, meaning, usage, and history of each funny word, giving several creative examples of its use. Dr. Beard's selection of the funniest words includes the likes of "absquatulate," "bowyangs," "collywobbles," "gongoozle," "hemidemisemiquaver," and "snollygoster."
Good ones, though the opportunity to insert "bowyangs" ("a strap that holds the pants legs in place") into the conversation is unlikely to arise.

"Crapulence," though ("discomfort from eating or drinking too much"), is a handy one. And I'm sure we've all worked for bloviating cockalorums...

— Larry, Smellfungus Monkey, Light Reading

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