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Looking ahead in 2024

Light Reading's editors compile the big stories from 2023 and outline some major topics they're tracking this year.

Phil Harvey

January 3, 2024

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What will Light Reading's editors write about in 2024?

The shortest, broadest answer is whatever we think is interesting and significant enough that it could have implications across the global communications market.

To refine that answer, we've listed below the key themes we've written about in significant volume over the past 12 months. In addition, we've provided an idea of what we're tracking in 2024, with insights from our editors and analysts on why each topic matters now.

AI changes everything

2023 in review: Big AI meets big telecom

Telco AI is Alphafly

Advanced network infrastructure 

Looking ahead: Gen AI could amplify optical opportunities

Looking ahead: Nascent NaaS industry needs strong service provider buy-in

Looking ahead: Next-gen broadband networks aim for speed with DOCSIS 4.0 and PON

Looking ahead: Operators warming to neutral host

Broadband access and the politics of connectivity

2023 in review: BEAD program progresses

2023 in review: FWA in growth mode

2023 in review: Some US fiber builds slow down

Looking ahead: Building up the fiber workforce

Looking ahead: Next-gen broadband networks aim for speed with DOCSIS 4.0 and PON

Looking ahead: Will Universal Service Fund reform finally happen?

Asia's influence on the global comms market

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2023 in review: Is Rakuten still on a roll?

2023 in review: Top 20 most popular Huawei stories

Asia 2023: Huawei's surprise, telco AI and another bad one for Optus

Telecom in India: Wins and losses for 2023

Looking ahead to 2024 in India: 5G, rural connectivity and satcom

Six trends to watch in Asia telecom in 2024

Wireless tech changes and market growth

2023 in Review: 6G is (not) here (yet) to stay

2023 in review: Cable's wireless growth

2023 in review: Open RAN not working out as planned

Looking ahead: 5G standalone still pretty lonely

Looking ahead: The spectrum-sharing debate continues

A state of balance: How to think about open RAN in 2024

Looking ahead: Open RAN still faces growing pains

Smartphone and device evolution

2023 in review: Satellite direct-to-device race heats up

Looking ahead: eSIMs, AI speed smartphone evolution

Sustainability and network energy savings

2023 in review: Everything's gone green

The future of TV

2023 in review: Streaming shakeups, price hikes and crackdowns

Telecom industry job attrition

2023 in review: Job changes and layoffs

It's worth pointing out that the list above will not be everything for everyone. But it should answer many questions about what we think is important and where we see the industry's largest companies spending and making money. This is also a handy way to scan for ideas that we think have the potential to produce disruptive business models and some combinations of technologies that, if paired well, could change the communications marketplace.

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This list can stand in for a traditional editorial calendar, and it's a nice primer for folks that are new to Light Reading and want to see how our approach differs from the usual industry news and commentary.

There's no doubt we've missed some things, and we'll cover stuff in the coming months that is nowhere to be found on this list. To that end, let us know what we should write about next and what stories you think are so big they'll appear on a list like this in just 12 more months.

About the Author(s)

Phil Harvey

Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

Phil Harvey has been a Light Reading writer and editor for more than 18 years combined. He began his second tour as the site's chief editor in April 2020.

His interest in speed and scale means he often covers optical networking and the foundational technologies powering the modern Internet.

Harvey covered networking, Internet infrastructure and dot-com mania in the late 90s for Silicon Valley magazines like UPSIDE and Red Herring before joining Light Reading (for the first time) in late 2000.

After moving to the Republic of Texas, Harvey spent eight years as a contributing tech writer for D CEO magazine, producing columns about tech advances in everything from supercomputing to cellphone recycling.

Harvey is an avid photographer and camera collector – if you accept that compulsive shopping and "collecting" are the same.

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