SlideshowF5 Targets the Telco Cloud With $670M NGINX Deal

lightreceding 3/20/2019 | 10:39:59 PM
F5 pulls ahead F5 has made a big move into the containerized applications space. Buying NGINX is the only way to get to DevOps teams who control the stack for these applications. 2nd place ADC vendor Citrix has struggled for several years to break in to the containerized application space with a version of their ADC formerly known as NetScaler. Unfortunately the DevOps teams don't look to the incumbent hardware vendors when they are looking for an ADC. They look to opensource versions that come with their Linux distribution.  F5 has a way forward with this move, as long as they can managed to convert enough customers to pay.  Citrix on the other hand will continue to struggle as organizations move their applications from legacy architectures to containers and micro-services. 
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