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AT&T uses Google Stadia to stream Batman game for free

AT&T again signaled its interest in cloud gaming, and cloud computing in general, by offering a Batman game for free to its customers using Google's Stadia infrastructure.

Vodafone plans software blitz to cut IT spend and cloud risks

The operator is to add another 7,000 software experts to its team by 2025 as it aims for more technology independence.

Netflix shows why telcos should fear AWS

The streaming service is more popular than ever and its share price has soared, but its public-cloud arrangements carry enormous risk.

VMware zeroes in on data management, security and carbon emissions

During VMworld, VMware launched several initiatives to assist its cloud provider partners in delivering managed security services and simplified app management to end users.

TelcoDR sets up $1B fund for public cloud mission

Made famous by this year's MWC, public cloud evangelist Danielle Royston now has $1 billion at her disposal to buy and develop telecom software.

CableLabs' Kyrio unit sets sights on network convergence

Kyrio's new software-powered Adaptive Route Control (ARC) system enables fixed and mobile operators to route customer traffic to the best available network on an application-by-application basis.

Microsoft starts selling transport, routing services to 5G operators

Microsoft said it has built a 'well-managed, reliable, and performant' transport and routing network for its Azure cloud computing service. Now it's selling that network to 5G operators.

Comcast forges 'network to modem' DOCSIS 4.0 connection

Cable op claims another '10G' milestone with Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) live lab trial that linked its virtual cable modem termination system to DOCSIS cable modems configured to operate in the FDX spectrum band.

Verizon's Visible confirms hack

'Our investigation indicates that threat actors were able to access username/passwords from outside sources, and exploit that information to login to Visible accounts,' the company reported.

BT's Rob Shuter: Enterprises want solutions, not just connectivity

Customers are looking to combine telco and tech elements into solutions, coupled AI, edge computing and IoT, Shuter said.

Fresh funding will fuel some M&A, Plume CEO says

Armed with a $300 million from an 'F' round led by Japan's SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Plume intends to target companies that can broaden the smart home software specialist's cloud, data and AI capabilities, Plume CEO Fahri Diner says.

Rakuten to legacy operators: Time to take the cloud plunge

Japanese cloud networking pioneer Rakuten says it's time traditional telcos took the plunge into virtualization.

100% green subsea cable set to link Norway and Canada

As subsea cable-laying hits a frenzied pitch, a renewables-fueled link from Norway to Canada pitches the naturally cool Nordic data centers instead.

Google wants to take your mobile network off your hands, telcos

The number-three hyperscaler is ramping up its range of telecom offerings in its public cloud slugfest with AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Harmonic: Let's put the MAC here, there... anywhere

Vendor says its 'MAC Anywhere' play fits with CableLabs' new Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA), and also opens the door to potential integrations with third-party cable network hardware suppliers.

NEC to build US-Europe subsea cable for Facebook

As Facebook and Alphabet up their cable-laying game, NEC bags a contract to build a half petabit per second cable between the US and Europe.

DZS pact with Plume to extend its cloud to the home network

DZS says the Plume deal paves a path to more recurring revenue and establishes a way for it to manage and orchestrate the core, access and in-home networks, and provide partners with a new option for premium whole-home services.

TIM brings Oracle into Noovle fold

Noovle expands its partner roster with a cloud provider that might appeal more to the public sector.

Nokia Deepfield CTO: How DDoS attacks are changing

Just as connectivity is becoming more critical during the pandemic, the nature and types of DDoS attacks are more dangerous than ever, according to Nokia Deepfield's Craig Labovitz.

Facebook outage should frighten everyone

The social media giant suffers a blackout that lasts several hours and causes disruption for its customers worldwide.

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