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Amdocs launches cloud-native home OS

ST. LOUIS – Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, today announced doxi HomeOS, a cloud-native home operating system (OS) powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Amdocs doxi HomeOS enables service providers to revolutionize the home broadband experience by moving beyond basic connectivity services.

doxi HomeOS helps communication service providers (CSPs) meet consumers' expectations for personalized experiences by providing smart, AI-based insights, simple voice commands and "touch free" care capabilities so that consumers' precise and immediate support needs can be resolved simply and efficiently. With doxi HomeOS' enhanced cybersecurity monitoring capabilities and provision of greater visibility and parental control over the growing number and usage of connected devices and apps in the home, families gain peace-of-mind as well as incredible ease and convenience.

With the addition of intelligence and control, CSPs can provide amazing customer experiences and significantly increase operational efficiencies in areas such as:

  • Providing Smart Care with Greater Visibility and Control: doxi HomeOS offers consumers the ability to self-manage connectivity and Wi-Fi settings. Equipped with unique auto-serve and self-resolution capabilities, doxi HomeOS helps consumers address connectivity and wireless malfunctions at home and on-the-go with a mobile app.
  • Growing Services Beyond Connectivity: With doxi HomeOS, consumers can benefit from automated, AI-based notifications related to usage patterns and media and gaming consumption.
  • Cyber Protecting the Home and its Devices: Consumers will gain peace of mind from growing cybersecurity risks with smart alerts and control.


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