Clawed Squad

12:30 PM -- According to The Washington Times, India remains on the biting-roaring-mauling edge of law enforcement technology:

    The government of a state in India has come up with a wild idea to control the menace of bandits who are becoming active again in the country's heartland.

    The government of Uttar Pradesh plans to unleash dozens of lions in the forested ravines to flush out the bandits from their hide-outs...

    "The presence of such large carnivores in the vicinity will be frightening for the dacoits," a forest ranger in Etawah said. "They were never afraid of hyenas and wolves of the Chambal ravines. But lions will scare them away this time, we are sure."
New York's Central Park police are following developments closely. Release the wolverines!

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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