Cirrex Announces OAMs

ATLANTA -- Cirrex Corp., an emerging developer of integrated optical modules for next-generation communications networks, today announced its OCHIP 1000 family of Single-Wavelength Optical Access Modules. The OCHIP 1000 performs the complete optical add/drop operation on a single chip, delivering a complete, two-way communications channel to a single subscriber. The "drop" wavelength (channel) for the designated subscriber is separated using filtering provided in the OCHIP 1000, and the "add" channel is introduced through an on-board laser stabilized at the appropriate wavelength. Other wavelengths being carried on the DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) route are passed through using the filtering and waveguiding capabilities built into the OCHIP 1000.

With the Cirrex OCHIP 1000, the entire add/drop operation is handled within the single OCHIP package. "The current approach is analogous to a rail system in which all passengers must disembark and re-board at each station, even though only a few are actually bound for that station" remarked Cirrex president, CEO and founder Mike Wach. "The Cirrex OCHIP 1000 allows carriers to drop only the traffic bound for a particular subscriber, without the complexity and expense of a DWDM terminal."

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