Choppy Stu

5:00 PM -- There's no doubt that Skype Technologies SA is changing the way people communicate.

Witness Jeff Pulver, the VOIP Elvis, who recently reported that he was flying at 35,000 feet, across the Atlantic Ocean, while conducting a Skype call to his friend Stu. How was the call? Pulver writes:

While Stu reported that I sounded choppy, he sounded as if he was sitting right next to me.

You know you've got a good connection when you can hear, with crystal clarity, "Hey, you sound kinda choppy."

Pulver, excited by his sky-high Skype call, passed his PC "across the isle" to his colleagues, so they could hear the call. I think it goes without saying that Pulver's reach is extraordinary.

Never mind. Pulver was having a technology moment:

Some of the other passengers on the flight must have thought it was kind of strange to see me lifting my PC to face level and then talking to it...

Talking to your PC isn't all that strange these days, hound dog. My colleague Scott talks to his IBM laptop all the time. Very loudly. And it doesn't sound choppy.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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