China Unicom Jiangsu Completes First-Phase Commercial Deployment of OTN P2MP Private Lines to Enable Digital Transformation of SMEs

Recently, China Unicom Jiangsu has completed its first-phase commercial deployment of OTN P2MP private lines that provide premium private lines for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This cements its industry-leading position in building an innovative integrated access system of enterprise private lines, further boosting enterprise digital transformation.

Jiangsu is one of China's largest provincial economies. According to Jiangsu SME Development Center, Jiangsu has over 3 million SMEs, and this number is on the rise. As informatization ramps up, SMEs are demanding high-quality and easy-to-access premium private lines to support all kinds of emerging applications. However, traditional networks can only offer best-effort forwarding, failing to meet requirements and hindering enterprise operation and development. In addition, in the most developed areas of Jiangsu such as Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou, SMEs are widely and evenly distributed, and cannot access or afford OTN premium private lines. To meet the requirements of these SMEs, China Unicom Jiangsu first needed to provide high-quality and easy-to-access private line services at affordable prices.

China Unicom Jiangsu continuously innovates together with industry partners. The operators passed China's first OTN P2MP private line pilot test in 2021 and carried out first-phase large-scale deployment of these private lines on the Suzhou network in 2022. In the first phase of the project, China Unicom Suzhou deployed the OTN P2MP private line solution in six Central Office (CO) sites in Suzhou Industrial Park, providing access for more than 100,000 SMEs within the 278 km2 area.

Strict comparison tests were performed on five types of private lines and six indicators in light-load scenarios as well as congestion scenarios to further verify service quality. According to the test results, these new OTN P2MP private lines have a stable latency of 1.338 ms and their maximum jitter is 11 μs, in addition to zero packet loss and 100% throughput, in both light-load scenarios and congestion scenarios. They achieve lower latency and jitter than traditional PON and MPLS-VPN private lines, matching the performance of OTN P2P private lines. In addition to the wide coverage, new OTN P2MP private lines are capable of providing stable and high-performance solutions for SME-oriented interconnection, cloud access, and Internet access.

The new OTN P2MP private lines will feature high quality, affordable cost, and easy deployment. Based on this large-scale successful deployment, China Unicom Jiangsu will further promote the deployment across the province to provide accessible and affordable deterministic network services for SMEs, accelerating industry-oriented digital transformation, promoting comprehensive Smart City construction, and facilitating various emerging applications.

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