Chicken Little Flu

11:15 AM -- Yahoo! News! picks up the following scary! AP! story!

    The deadly bird flu virus has spread at lightning speed over the past three months, infecting birds in 30 new countries — double the number previously stricken since 2003, the U.N.'s bird flu point man said Tuesday.

    [Now, there's a job description: Bird Flu Point Man.]

    "This is a really serious global situation," Dr. David Nabarro the U.N.'s chief coordinator for avian influenza, told reporters in Beijing...

    Bird flu resurfaced in Asia in 2003 and has killed at least 108 people.
Ohmygawd! 108! 36 a year! That's three each and every month! Call out the riot squads!

— Larry!, Attack! Monkey!, Light! Reading!

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