1:45 PM -- Looks like there's yet another cheesy British star on the rise... Reuters is at the scene:

    A large English cheddar cheese has become a star of the Internet, attracting more than 1 million viewers to sit and stare at it as it slowly ripens.

    "The hits went over 1 million this morning. It has been a real challenge keeping the cheese up and running with all the interest it has generated," a spokesman for the company running the website, www.cheddarvision.tv, said Wednesday.

The cheese is running? Eww... Nevertheless, one can hardly conceive of the complexity involved with the heroic endeavor of making a video of stagnant, aging cheese. Bravo, Cheddar Vision, Bravo...

    "The whole idea was to show people how real food is made -- and it seems to be working," cheesemaker Tom Calver said. "It takes a year for the cheese to mature. This is not fast food. It is slow food."

Slow food + slow people = a gosh darn good Internet show. Watch out, LRTV...

— Red "I think I saw it jiggle" Panda, Light Reading

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