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Chantry Grabs Another $11M

Enterprise wireless LAN startup Chantry Networks Inc. has scored $11 million in a second round of VC funding, money the CEO says will be spent on building up the company's marketing muscle and partnership deals.

Chantry, which has developed a wireless LAN router system that manages access points via Layer 3 connections, has raised $20 million in venture funding since 2002 (see Funding: Startup Update). The company has tapped existing investors such as Flagship Ventures for its latest round. Chantry's CEO Peter Vickers says that the firm will be particulary focused on developing its presence in the emerging voice-over-WLAN (VOWLAN) market. The firm -- like nearly every other hopeful startup in this space -- has a deal with wireless LAN handset and software developer SpectraLink Corp. (see Chantry, SpectraLink Roam). Now Vickers says that the company will look to add "location and other voice-oriented services" to its product offerings, probably through additional partnerships. Vickers isn't yet clear whether the latest round of funding will be its last. "I'd love to say yes... but those are always tough calls."

Among Chantry's main rivals in the centralized wireless LAN management space are WiFi switch vendors Airespace Inc. and Aruba Wireless Networks. Airespace has passed the $30 million funding mark, and Aruba is nudging it (see Airespace Lands Another $22M and Aruba Nabs $20M). Both companies came onto the enterprise wireless LAN market several months before Chantry.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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