CES: Vegas Bagels

12:50 PM -- LAS VEGAS -- CES -- And, we're off!

There was less traffic than I expected for the opening morning of the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. I suspect, however, that's because I got up and out before the show started and the shuttles and cabs started to clog the fatted arteries of Glitter Gulch's transport infrastructure. I'm not yet sure if I dare brave the monorail.

Don't take this as a signal that attendance is poor at the show, however: There were more people queueing for a cab at the airport in the wee small hours of the morning than some events see on the show floor; the cellphone networks are already overloaded; and the press is already squabbling over who gets the last half of a rubbery bagel.

To that end, I've always wondered why they bother to serve free decaf in the press room. Caffiene is basically our fuel and saviour for this whole week. It is what's going to carry me through more than my fair share of WiMax briefings and the hunt for the elusive Android operating system.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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