CEO: Chief Expendable Officer

The wireless industry’s CEOs have had their credentials seriously bashed in Unstrung’s latest poll, a jocular look at the performance of those heads responsible for directing market growth (see CEO: Chief Expendable Officer? ).

The majority of our readers (64 percent) claim their leader wouldn’t be seriously missed in the event of being run over by a bus, with 26 percent of respondents stating “there’s plenty more where he/she came from.”

Nearly a fifth (17 percent) dig the knife in deeper, asking, “CE… who?” [Ed. note: Are you listening, Mr Gates?]

The jibes don’t end there, either. The much-maligned topic of CEOs' “compensation packages” receives a thorough slagging, with 49 percent of readers claiming the salary is “excessive” or “out of control” (30 and 19 percent, respectively).

A further 22 percent call the sum “generous.”

In an effort to curb such spiraling compensation packages, a majority 64 percent of readers claim that CEOs should receive a “salary and stock options adjusted according to financial performance.”

In contrast, a 6 percent minority argue that “they should just volunteer.” [Ed. note: Great idea, yeah, Steve?]

And it’s the dollar that proves the greatest attraction to the role, with 41 percent of readers requiring “at least two more zeros on the end of my pay check” in order to consider accepting the CEO position.

Twenty-three percent would need “a personality transplant” to take the job, whilst 18 percent “wouldn’t take it if it was the last job going.”

Moving away from such frivolities, our June poll examines whether the market for in-building systems stands on the verge of mainstream success. Have your say here: In-Building Wireless: Shaping Up?.

— Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung
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