Cenix Unveils Subsystems

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa. -- CENiX Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of next generation high-speed optoelectronic interfaces, today introduced several new innovative, scalable, optical subsystems targeted for use in 10 and 40 Gbps systems. During the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) 2001, being held in Anaheim, CA, CENiX is showing working demonstrations of its products, which are ideal for optical networking applications in both long haul and metro market segments. The company is introducing three new families of high-speed integrated solutions designated as UNiPAK.10™, TETRAPAK.10™ and TETRAPAK.40™.

The UNiPAK.10 delivers 10 Gbps bandwidth in a single footprint for intermediate and long-reach DWDM applications. This highly integrated optoelectronic subsystem includes a 10 Gbps 1.55µm EML optical transmitter, a 10 Gbps PIN or APD optical receiver and a 16-channel Serializer/Deserializer. Standard features include Dither Tone Input, a designer friendly I2C External Interface and Clock Clean-up for SONET and FEC rates. Sample quantities are available now.

The TETRAPAK.40 delivers a 40 Gbps aggregated bandwidth to systems designers today. The compact design of the 15 km TETRAPAK.40 includes four 10 Gbps 1.3µm DFB optical transmitters, four 10 Gbps optical receivers and four 16-channel Serializers/Deserializers with a built-in reference clock clean-up circuit supporting both SONET and FEC rates. Sample quantities are available May, 2001.

CENiX is also introducing the TETRAPAK.10 during OFC. This optical subsystem offers the highest level of functionality in a single optical subsystem for SONET/FEC implementation. This innovative product solution includes four 2.5 Gbps 1.3µm Fabry-Perot or DFB optical transmitters, four 2.5 Gbps PIN or APD optical receivers and four 4-channel Serializer/Deserializer suitable for up to 60 km transport applications. Sample quantities will be available July, 2001.

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