CDNs Get Nostalgic

5:45 PM -- Today's news from Contentinople:

  • In our latest CDN Wrap:

      – Lycos Cinema, a new video rental site by an old(ish) company, has gotten CDNetworks to deliver its offerings;
      – BitGravity has been given the honor of streaming Tom Green's live online show;
      – LiveJournal, the blog pioneer, has been with Panther Express for the past few months;
      – and Register.com has hired Internap for a trio of services.

  • Akamai's going to the Olympics. The company will provide content delivery services to The NewsMarket, the news aggregator that will provide multimedia content to media covering the games. Akamai's not alone though -- NBC's sticking with Limelight.

  • Hulu adds two of Comedy Central's most popular shows -- The Daily Show and The Colbert Report -- to its lineup of full-length shows. The video aggregator hopes the shows' addition will keep the site leading of the pack of network sites.

  • David Verklin takes the helm of "Canoe Ventures LLC" on Aug. 4.

And stop by today's News Bits, to read up on YouTube's new advertising strategy and ISPs now blocking child pornography.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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