CDN Explores Space

5:00 PM -- Today on Contentinople:

  • It's a Friday CDN roundup:
    • BitGravity will deliver online video of SpaceX's commercial space launches, which we're sure has nothing to do with the relevantly named CDN.
    • Internap will deliver video for BeautifulStrangers.tv, a site that accosts strangers on the street to find out where they got their duds.

  • The New York Times isn't going down without a fight. The company is betting on video with the addition of an HD Web video player by Brightcove. They'll also be adding content.

  • User-generated content (UGC), the driver of YouTube, may be waning. And the death of the forum for those with too much time on their hands is caused by the predicted culprit: monetization. It turns out starred ratings aren't enough to keep film rolling.

And in today's News Bits, 30 Rock hit the Web before primetime.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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